Dr. Mair Cayley, R. Psych

the people

Dr. Mair Cayley is a registered psychologist who recently opened their private practice in Vancouver

the project

Dr. Cayley needed a place where prospective clients could go to find out who they are as a counsellor, their training and approach and how to get in touch. Mobile-friendly design was key because Dr. Cayley anticipated clients using their phones to access the site, and we wanted to ensure the transition from searching to reaching out is seamless.

In addition to wanting a clean and unique design, Dr. Cayley also wanted to be able to make small changes to the site over time, on their own. A custom Wordpress theme was the solution.

the process

The request for a very minimal aesthetic, paired with the small amount of copy that needed to be on the site, challenged me to create something that felt both complete and unique without much in the way of accoutrements.

We chose a distinctive and sophisticated typeface for the headings to set tone for the site, and added the modern and unobtrusive Open Sans for the body copy. The illustrations draw on the colours in the client's photos and are designed to evoke a sense of process, of steps forward, helping to create a sense of movement both within pages and through the site.

UI elements are consistent and intuitive, and the layout lends itself well to an easy transition to mobile, maintaining large clickable buttons and multiple paths to the pertinent info.

As the cherry on top, I converted the site into a custom Wordpress theme so Dr. Cayley can make changes to their approach and offerings, update contact info and swap out images whenever they want, without having to enlist my help.