The Wild Salmon Caravan

the people

The Wild Salmon Caravan is an annual event led by members of the Secwepemc Nation (located in the interior of BC) and their allies to educate the public about how wild salmon continues to be a crucial source of food and culture for indigneous people all over BC. The caravan starts in Prince George near the headwaters of the Fraser River and travels all the way down to Vancouver Island.

the project

The caravan's main organizer Dawn Morrison put a call out for posters from different cities to promote the event across the province.

the process

Since the event is all about the importance of salmon, it seemed only natural to start with the shape of that beautiful fish. So much depends on the yearly cycles of returning from the open ocean to spawn in the inland rivers and streams, so I used hand-drawn fish to create an image of the migration the caravan would be shadowing.

The overlapping shapes, set in colours meant to evoke the muted palette of the Fraser, create a sense of moving through water, following the path of the river back home.